Eastern eats - Western beats
Habibi bar is a confluence of cultures.

From Brooklyn to Beirut, a constant play of influences shape the venue’s offer, where urban graffiti mixes with traditional calligraphy, handmade tiles with rough-hewn concrete - all set against a soundtrack of global Hip Hop artists.

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Intelligently designed
Cocktails, premium beers
And ubiquitous bubbles

Food comes from the Middle East, the Ottoman and North Africa; with deconstructed kebabs grilled over charcoal, and Meze platters which are made to be shared.

Traditional cocktails are delicately scented with Rose, Tangerine and Pomegranate - intelligently designed to attract a wider, female audience, and which sit alongside intriguing limited-edition canned beers, premium draught lines, as well as specially selected wines and fizz.